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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Arta Feston Njevjetorin e Vajzes...

Viktoria e Artes mbushi 1 vit

Me padurim e priste ditelindjen e vajzes Viktorias, te cilen Arta thote se ia festoi shume bukur. Keshtu ka disa jave qe Arta ka nisur pergatitjet per festen e ditelindjes se vajzes, e cila date thote se eshte me e rendesishmja ne jeten e saj.

“Koheve te fundit jam marre me shume rreth organizimit te ditelindjes se Viktorias, me besoni kam pasur shume emocione, per here te pare festova njevjetorin e vajzes qe e prisja me padurim”, ka thene ajo per “Zeri”. Ditelindja e Viktorias ishte madheshtore me shume miq dhe dashamire te familjes Sekiraca.

“Ditelindjen e vajzes e festuam ne shtepi, jemi familje e madhe dhe keshtu qe e pame te arsyeshme qe kjo feste per here te pare te behet ne shtepi. Ishte nje gezim i madh nga e tere familja jone”, shton ajo. Edhe angazhimet ne kenge Arta vazhdon t’i kryeje me mjaft sukses, dhe tani ka nisur pergatitjet e videoklipit me te ri te kenges “E pafat” te realizuar nga produksioni “Urban Grafiks”. “Balada qe do ta lansoj tani kam pershtypjen se do te pelqehet ne publik, sepse eshte punuar mjaft mire si kenga “E pafat” ashtu edhe videoklip”, perfundoi ajo. /k.bajrami/zeri/tetor 2011/

"Telegrafi" njofton se Arta ka filluar xhirimet e klipit te ri "S'dua tjeter" qe do te lansohet se shpejti...

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[[ translation by google:
Arta's Victoria turned 1 year

Eagerly waiting for the birthday girl Victoria, which celebrated its Golden says it beautifully. So there are some weeks that Golden has begun preparations for the feast of the birthday girl, which means that the date is most important in her life.

"Recently I got more about the organization of the birthday of Victoria, believe me I had many emotions, festova first anniversary of the maiden who waited with impatience," she told "Voice". Victoria was a great birthday with many family friends and lovers Sekiraça.

"Celebrated the birthday girl's home, large family and are so reasonable that we saw this holiday for the first time at home. It was a great joy by all our family, "she adds. Even the song Golden commitments continues to perform with great success, and now has started preparing the new video clip on the song "The unfortunate" performed by production "Urban Grafiks". "Ballads that will launch now I have the impression that the public will be accepted, because it worked quite well as the song" The unfortunate "and video clip," she concluded. / k.bajrami / voice / October 2011 /

"Telegraph" reports that Golden has started filming the new clip "I do not want another" to be launched soon ...

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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